Word Play: The Dreamer By: LiyaBleu


This is a brief description of a phenomenon that really happened to me. I figured in order to write good short stories I would need to start with real accounts. This is slightly unfinished due to the lack of a resolution, but I was more focused on recreating a specific feeling. There will be more to stories to come :) leave comments, good or bad!

Night had fallen, the small attic apartment was silent. Kandi who had just settled into bed, picked up her little TV remote off the night stand and began flicking through different television programs. Her mood was completely calm as she waited for her program to come on. Bedtime was usually enjoyable in comparison to her normally hectic day. The large bedroom at the back of the attic where Kandi slept was always hot. It was so hot that bought a small air conditioner to put in the tiny window adjacent to her bed. The air conditioner was just enough to cool her room, and the very small bathroom directly across from it.

Kandi adored the simple things in life, and she adored her bedroom that she kept simple. No pictures on the wall, not much furniture, just a t.v., a bed, and a cheap black area rug that she got from ollies 1/2 off sale. Kandi was ecstatic that she had taken off work the following day because that meant she could sleep in late. She worked in a facility that counselors mental patients, and the emotional stress associated with her job was beginning to wear on her. She absolutely despised her job, but not because of the patients, but because of the arrogant, judgemental counselors who also worked there.

Kandi turned to look at the clock on her night stand, it read 9pm. “Finally” she said lowly then picked up the remote and changed the channel to Oxygen. Snapped is the name of the show that she tuned into every Thursday at 9pm faithfully. Kandi caught a slight chill on her neck. She shivered a little, then grabbed the soft purple velour blanket from the foot of her bed. She partially opened the blanket, then placed it neatly over her whole body. Her chills began to fade as she burrowed under the blanket to get more comfy. she smiled slightly as the opening credits rolled. She loved watching this show because it exposed people for who they really are as opposed to who they pretended to be.

Unexpectedly the purple velour blanket that was draped neatly over her body began to move, Kandi knew she was alone and was startled by the sudden movement. when she tried to sit up to investigate the situation, is when she realized she could not move. She immediately panicked, Her thoughts were blanketed with fear and angst. Her eyes roamed frantically around in her head searching for an answer. All she could see was the TV program and the blanket that continued creep down her limp body.

She was stiff and completely frozen. Just then a strange feeling over came her it was as if she was falling. She felt her stomach drop repeatedly. Kandi prayed that the eerie feeling would cease. “Aaaahhhh, Help Me” she screamed in her head. Yet the blanket remained uninterrupted and continued to make its way down her paralyzed body. Frightened but determined to move, Kandi began shaking. Soon her body was shaking uncontrollably. Just when she thought all hope was lost she abruptly sat up. Her heart rapidly pounded in her chest, so swift that it sent vibrations into her eardrums. All Kandi wanted to do was find the culprit responsible for her unexplained turmoil. Her eyes continued combing the room as she gasped for air. There was no burglar in her presence, this gave her a brief moment of relief. The revelation was short-lived when Kandi noticed that she had not missed one portion of the tv show that was still on. Terrified and still out of breath she cautiously gazed down at the blanket. To her surprise the blanket was right where she first put it. Not knowing what to look for she began patting the blanket. Still no answer.

“It must have been a dream” she whispered to herself. With her heart still racing she laid back down. and immediately changed then channel. Kandi was almost certain that the phenomenon was real, but she had no proof. Who was responsible for moving her blanket? and how did she briefly lose control?? Kandi’s head was filled unanswered questions. “I must have dozed off” was all she could think to comfort herself, but it did not work.

The strange feelings that Kandi acquired stayed with her throughout the night. Exhausted and unable to sleep Kandi just lay in bed wondering if it was really all a dream.

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4 Reasons Why Women Don’t like Dating Short Men

This one is for the guys…..

With everything going on in the world today you would think dating would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately there are a few shallow situations that can make your dating life rough. Is height a potential first date deal breaker?? Yes it is, but the first thing you should tell yourself to overcome height expectations is “Don’t take it personal” For all the guys whose height is below 5’7 you’re in luck! I’ve narrowed down the 4 main reasons why women are uncomfortable dating you.

1.) What about my heels?!
Most women love to get dressed up for a night out with their man. In most cases heels make women feel sexy, and happy.If your date is taller than you in her flats, imagine how she feels towering over you in her stilettos! Not cool!

2.) Awkward feelings....
Most women feel weird about having to look down at a love interest. One women even said “When I date a guy shorter than me I don’t know where to look!” I would have to agree, being able to look over my date’s head is not very romantic.

3.)Who will take charge during a confrontation??
Believe it or not some women feel the need to handle everything when with shorter guys. It’s like they don’t feel like the guy would be capable of handling a tough situation. This really plays a role in the way women react to height because all women want to feel protected and secure especially with their dates.

4.) I feel like I’m dating a child
One women said “Whenever I’m with a short guy I just feel like saying, awww look at him he’s so cute” LOL No women wants to see her date in a childlike way. Talk about an immediate date killer!

Here’s what you can do to overcome height stereotypes and restrictions. The first and only thing that you need is CONFIDENCE! you need to be the type of guy who is fearless. Make your date feel like you are strong and in charge. If you come off as weak and timid she’ll kick you to the curb before the date is over! Be Confident!

Do you love it?

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Tips on How to Handle Awkward Silence on a First Date


Imagine this…

It’s Saturday night, Your sitting in a corner booth at your favorite restaurant waiting on a date! But not just any date. It’s with the super sweet guy who begged your BFF to hook you him up with you last week. Now normally you would cringe at just the thought of a blind date, but since he was referred to you by your BFF you reluctantly agree to it….*His hott gym pics didn’t hurt either!*

Finally you spot him! The first thing you notice is that Mr. Hottie looks better than his gym pics! He casually walks over to the booth sits down slowly and says…”HI” you smile back anticipating the start of a conversation. that’s when you notice it! It’s that first date killer! Awkward silence….

Well actually that’s only one of the first date killers. There are plenty of other situations that can lead to awkward silence but the main culprit is lack of chemistry. Does this mean that there is no chemistry with “Mr. Hottie”? of course not! However there are a few steps you can take to stop these awkward silences from ruining your date.

First things first- Call it out! When your in an awkward situation say “Wow this is awkward” Usually your date will agree and the two of you can laugh it off. The longer you wait to break the silence, the longer it will drag on leaving a bad impression in your date’s mind. CALL IT OUT!

Second- Ask a question This is pretty self explanatory. The silence might be caused be anxiety or nerves. If that’s the case you should try to make your date feel more comfortable. Once the nervous energy dissipates, the conversation should return back to normal.

Third- Trip the waiter- Oh wait just kidding (laughs) the waiter falling would be tragic to him, but funny enough to keep the awkward silences away! (do not trip anyone) even though it would definitely break the awkward ice. The equivalent to this would be to tell a joke. Laughter releases nerves and anxiety plus it will give you a chance to admire ‘Mr. Hottie’s ‘ smile.

Let’s keep in mind that all first dates are awkward by default. Creating a comfortable environment is a big deal. So try to talk about common interests.

Remember never dismiss a date’s future potential based solely on silence. He could be the ONE!

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Beauty: Threading vs. Waxing

Here is a brief (not so brief) synopsis of why I prefer getting my eyebrows threaded over getting them waxed. In my opinion the results of threading lasts longer.
For example when I get my eyebrows threaded it normally takes about 2 to 3 weeks until I start to see regrowth. On the other hand, when I get my brows waxed I start to notice regrowth in about a week and a half. Now I know what some of you are thinking…”Dosen’t threading hurt??” I get asked that a lot, and the answer is YES! it is very painful, but Waxing is just as painful in my book. The difference is the threading results are totally worth it!

Threading give my brows a sharper, more defined shape. In addition threading does not leave an oily residue like waxing does. That same oily residue has caused me to have many breakouts in the past. Annoying forehead breakouts that I have not had since I switched to threading.
The only good thing about waxing is the price. Where I currently live waxing is about $5.00, that is about $5.00 cheaper than the place where I get my brows threaded. However, once you factor in how many more times you will need to get your brows waxed vs. threaded per month it pretty much totals the same price

~PRETTY GIRL TIP: Ladies please do not use razors to shape your brows. Razors make hair grow back thicker, and they often cause hair bumps. Not attractive lol

check out these before and after pics below

What do you think??


Beauty Tip: Heat Protective Spray

Today is Beauty Tip Tuesday!
PrettyEnergy went to instagram to see what hair products the women in H-Town is using to keep their hair on point this summer……I found PRETTY girl Najaah, who was graciously willing to share her thoughts on one of her favorite hair products…

 Silk Elements- Olive Heat Protective Spray

     Ok Ladies we all know that when it comes to natural hair it can be a challenge to wear the silky straight styles as our fellow sisters who are on the creamy crack. But If you are team natural like me and just like to have your hair in a wrap every once in a while read carefully. As most of you know the key to a successful flat iron style is products, and since I style my own tresses most of the time I was on a serious search for the right combination. Although I switch up my shampoos and conditioners depending on what style I am going for one thing that remains a staple in my hair rotation is a heat protector. One faithful trip to Sally’s Beauty proved to be successful when I came across a relatively inexpensive heat protector sitting on the counter. I have been using Silk Elements- Olive oil Heat Protective Spray for the last couple of months and I absolutely adore it! Beyond the wonderful fragrance, it is light enough to not weigh my hair down, yet gives you that great sheen as only olive oil can. This product can be used several times in between shampooing or salon visits without that lingering gunk feeling.I have recommended this product to several ladies who all rave about the look and feel of their hair after using it with their heating tools. From the straightest to the most coarse of hair textures everyone agrees the end result is improved. Run out and grab it, you will not be disappointed.

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Hair Trends: 3 Hair Do’s you should try

    In today’s busy world wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to deal with your hair?? If your anything like me your answer is YES! Sometimes juggling work, kids, and school leaves zero time for hair maintenance. Luckily I found 3 hair styles that are simple and low maintenance.

1.) The Bun- This style is super easy and really cute! just put your hair in a high ponytail, wrap it around a few times, and go. I love this style because it can be worn as sloppy or super neat check out some pic below

Kourtney Kardashian loves buns

Ashanti was rocking her bun on the red carpet

2.) Natural Curls- I wear this style ofen! Natural curls are idealfor people that live in places with high humidity. All you need is leave in conditioner, mousse, and gel. So easy! The bigger The Better

Or try Pantene Pro-V 2 in one shampoo, great for all hair types

3.) Braids- I have not had “Poetic Justice” braids since I was in middle school,but these braids have some how made a come back. All you need is a couple packs of hair, and an awesome “braider” I think I’ll credit this comeback to celebrity sisters Solange and Beyonce’

Which Style will you be Rocking??


Dating: First Date Tips

This one is for the fellas….

Fellas don’t make dating harder than it has to be. Getting a girl to agree to go out with you is only the first step, but keeping her interested is an entirely different situation. Choosing the right place for the first date will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

You might not know this, but the first date says a lot about the kind of guy you are!

So here are MY top 4 places that you should never take a first DATE:

1.) A fast food chain

I’m talking about any restaurant with a drive-thru! It is never ok to be that FRUGAL….especially on a first date. Your date will notice, and she will probably never talk to you again.

2.) The Club

This should be very self explanatory. Taking a girl to a club means that you are not really trying to get to know her, because the loud music will make it impossible to converse. Plus you run the risk of seeing another girl that your more attracted too.

3.) To Meet Your Mom

Ok this is just CREEPY! If you do this on a first date you are completely psycho. No woman wants to meet your mom that soon. Your date will notice that you are the type of guy to “rush” things….Chill out.

4.) Back to Your Crib to “Chill”

Like I said before, first dates set the tone for the relationship. Your house does not qualify as a good date location. This is a BOOTY CALL! and no girl wants to be considered a booty call on the first date.


*Always be original! learn how to read people and think outside the box….

*Ask her what she wants to do, never assume that her saying “we can do anything” is secret girl talk for “I don’t care” (trust me she does!)

* Women like men to take charge, so don’t expect her to suggest places to go on your date. Men Always Plan The Date (PERIOD)


:In my opinion the movies is a great first date. Simply because it’s classic. Everyone has experienced a movie date at least once in their life.

On the flip side, technically you can not talk during the movie. Which makes some people think twice before picking this as a first date…..However there is time before and after the movie to converse. Plus you can use the movie as a great conversation starter.



Dating Tip:: How to deal with bad breath on a date


After partying memorial day weekend I noticed that there is a serious lack of dental hygiene in the world. Which in turn brings up the subject of bad breath, now before I get into ways to avoid it, First I’m going to explain why this phenomenon is happening…

Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by a number of different things

*Dry Mouth

*The food you eat

*Certain medications

*etc. etc. etc

Now that we got the possible causes out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty….How to avoid it on a date.

Wondering how to break it to someone easily?? Well give it up because there is no “Best” way to tell someone that their breath is kicking. However there are a few steps you can take to break the news respectively

1.) Always use tact and discretion when breaking the news.

    -Most people that have chronic BB know it, and are already insecure about it.

2.) Use a subliminal approach

    -Hand over the nose, Fan your face, or turn your head whenever your date gets close. (only some people will get the message)

3.) Use the “Is it just me, or does something stink?” approach

    -There is a theory that if indeed a person is emitting an odor he or she is the first to know. If this theory is true, then your date will quickly get the hint and try to remedy it before it turns you off completely.

4.) Be upfront (use at your own discretion)

    -Some people do not like to beat around the bush, if that person is you, then just blurt it out. What’s the worst that can happen? Your date might even appreciate your honesty and laugh about it.

5.) Finally (always) Offer a solution

    -If your riding in a car, roll the window down

    -If your at the movies, offer a mint

    -If your at dinner, sit on the other side of the table

    -Always keep gum! (short term remedy)

    -If your date tries to kiss you, back away slowly, or turn your cheek

I only have one DON’T…..

    -Don’t tweet about your date’s Bad Breath, hashtag it (#BB or #Halitosis), then ask him to follow you. Although your intentions may be good, you will ultimately hurt his/her ego…(that would be funny though)

The chosen method should always reflect how much you like the person who is suffering from the BB.



Health Energy: Swimming Relieves Stress

    I was sitting poolside, when I noticed how relaxed I was….Which got me thinking that swimming is actually a great stress free activity.

At this point your probably asking yourself how does swimming relieve stress. Well it’s actually very simple….

    *When you swim you are no longer focused on your problems, which will free your mind. Plus it’s totally free! And it’s also helps to beat the summer heat!

   *Swimming is similar to yoga, and that means it’s a really great sport!

*It gives you a reason to wear big floppy hats with oversized shades! (Hat available in pink at $14.99)

*Kids are the best example of how to live in a moment! Plus they will make you laugh!Love our youth…..

So don’t let your problems get you down this summer. Grab a big hat, some shades, your family, and head to the pool……(you’ll thank me later)




Beauty Tips: Top 5 tips to control Frizzy hair

I was driving through H-Town the other day when it hit me…too many women are suffering from the same problem Frizzy Hair! Yes humidity can be a hairstyle nightmare, so here are a few quick and easy tips to get rid of the Frizz for good!


Split ends are more likely to Frizz up than newly cut ones are


Conditioner is a great moisturizer. It also changes the texture of your hair, making it soft and manageable


Setting lotion will give your hair great hold and shine for any style


Mousse is a lightweight foam that will give hair movement and long lasting hold to any style


Twisties, Curls, a loose braid, any of these trendy styles will work.

Just remember that product choice is everything!

You will probably have to try different products until you find the one that works for you.

A few of my personal favorites

Olive Oil shampoo/ and Deep conditioner ($6.84 at target)

Mixed Silk Leave-in conditioner ($7.99 at Sally’s Beauty)

Smooth Shine Polishing Mousse ($5.12 at walmart)

Cantu Sheen spray (for those who nee a little extra shine) $6.69 on