How Lack of Focus Affects Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Spirit

Do you feel like you are constantly on your grind, but you never get results? Or do you jump from one career to the next with no clear direction? If you answered yes to either of those questions you may be one of millions who suffer from lack of focus. Focus is an important tool that can help you attain the life the life that you want.

My journey of self discovery, meditation, and yoga has helped me pin point the areas of my life that lacked focus. I am just beginning to realize that I can slowly change life’s outcomes just by focusing on the things that matter most. For instance, I recently noticed that I have a habit of catching up on my favorite tv shows right after work. At the same time I was feeling like I didn’t have enough hours in the day to do important things like cooking and exercise. Once I began to focus on my daily habits I saw just what needed to be cut out in order to be happier. I still catch up on my favorite shows but now I’m able block out a time that works best. Now I feel like I have enough time for everything.

I’ve listed the ways The lack of focus can affect your mind, body, and spirit below…

1.) The Mind

Energy flows where attention goes- Our thoughts are magical. They braodcast our wants, dreams, and desires to our cells. Therefore when you allow yourself to be swept away in thought. Your attention goes to whatever thought you’re having at that moment. This sends a signal to your cells that says that is what you want. Then the universe begins working to bring you that thing. The funny thing is that your cells do not care whether the thought is good or bad.

Lack of focus allows distractions to pull your attention away from your dreams and goals!

2.) The Body

Ask yourself—> Who’s side are you on? Have you ever heard the saying “your body is a temple”? Well it’s true! Lack of focus can be hindering you from creating your ideal body. Do you ever plan to pack a healthy lunch for the following day. Then get so caught up with random things that you forget. Although your intentions were good, I’m sure your body could have benefited more from a homemade salad than the quick burger and fries at the drive thru! Love your body enough to focus on what’s going into it.

Lack of focus can cause you to make poor decisions!

3.) The spirit

ask yourself—> Who am I? Let’s face it, trying to find yourself in today’s fast paced world can be difficult. Especially with pressures that come along with body image, money, and other people’s expectations of you. Not taking the time to focus on your passions, or your purpose can lead to a lifetime journey of unfulfillment, worry, and self doubt.

Adding more focus to your life should be a mindful practice that we do more of each day.

What do you think??

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