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I am a mommy, wife, blogger, and yoga instructor who currently works as a healthcare professional. My mission to help others realize and become their best self has ignited my life passion of implementing techniques that cultivate mind, body, and spirit transformations.

In 2014 I took a specimen tech job in a busy 24 hour diagnostic lab. While working there I began experiencing a nagging pain in my low back. I remember feeling like I was just too young to have any form of back pain. So I did what most people do when they notice a nagging pain, I scheduled an appointment with my pcp and expected a cure right away. Instead I was prescribed a muscle relaxer and advised to go home and relax. Although I didn’t know much about muscle relaxers, I knew that I didn’t want to have my body depend on a drug for pain. So I did the next best thing. I hopped on google and began a search for a more holistic approach. I found yoga and the rest is history.

I have been practicing yoga since 2014. In addition to yoga I love meditation and positive affirmations!

PrettyEnergy is a health and wellness brand that motivates women to live their best lives their way.

We offer minimalistic feminine handmade jewelry that represents self expression and creativity.

I believe that the future starts now. If we practice more positive thinking and DO more positive actions, we can start a ripple effect that will create a positive future for generations to come.

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PrettyEnergy: LiyaBleu-One Strange Encounter


As you may know, over the past year or so, I have been immersed into the cool and sometime scary world of online dating.

Trust me, I will gladly answer all the W’s that just popped into your head (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) but first let me tell you about my most recent encounter….

It all started with a simple tinder swipe to the right. Yes, I was scrolling through the tinder data base when I came across a guy. I’m not going to lie and say that this guy’s pic was so captivating that it was love at first sight, but who am I to judge a book by it’s cover?? Right?? Anyway we slowly began conversing via tinder message, then later exchanged numbers in order to keep the convo going through text.

First let me say that this guy’s optimism was questionable….He had a way of texting that mimicked that of a bad sports commentator. lol Like he sent me every single thought that popped into his head with in the span of a minute. So I would get about 10 replies for every one text that I sent him….(simmer on that) and they were always extremely happy like “Goodmorning” “Oh how sweet the air is smelling” “Rise and listen to the beautiful birds chirp” “I love thee Life” (you get the picture)

My thoughts were “maybe he just likes communicating in that way, and besides he seemed to be really smart so…..” Yep, that’s me always looking on the brighter side of things. But in reality this was his true identity (no Peter Parker here folks)

Let’s fast forward to Friday……

We eventually decided to meet in person. I suggested that he pick the place. I always do this for first dates especially so that
1.)I can see his alpha male side and
2.)I can see if he actually paid attention when I gave him the long list of things that I like to do

He decides that he would like to watch me eat so he made reservations at a very nice restaurant. He sent me the link, and all was well.
Now you’re probably thinking what is so strange about that???? Let’s keep going

Here we were the day of the date and I began getting texts that were basically just going over the particulars. For instance The address, the time, and the price of dinner. As I said before he was a happy texter. At that point I was thinking…..hmmmm, I may have been out of the dating game for a while, but why is he sending me dinner prices??? The only word flashing before my mind’s eye was DUTCH DUTCH DUTCH! Now let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going dutch. Just as long as it’s not on the first date!

But I still wasn’t sure exactly what his intentions were so I decided to ask him point blankly “Is this a dutch situation?”….His reply was yes! And oh how it all went down hill from there! Not in a bad way, but let’s just say he’s probably still sitting at the restaurant awaiting my arrival as we speak! (excuse my bad jokes but I’m laughing while I type!) And it get’s better….Once I learned of my Happy texting friend’s intentions I decided to let him down easy, no beating around the bush, and no ambiguity. I basically stated that I do not pay for myself on first dates….Simple and easy right??

Well, to happy texter that meant “fix the problem.” Which included opting to pay for both checks (checks that he said the restaurant always separates) And wrongly accusing the English language for the reason that the whole misunderstanding occurred. Strange right!?

I’ll leave you to ponder what happened after that. But I’m curious to know what would you have done if you were in my shoes?? Would you have been okay with the “Dutch Situation”? Or would you have pulled the plug on the whole thing?

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Dating 101: 3 Reasons Why a Guy Will Not Call You After a First Date


Am I the only one completely baffled by the lack of communication from guys after the first date!???

They take you out, show you a great time, pay for everything, long kiss you goodnight, then POOF! They pull a Houdini and disappear, never to be heard from again. This may not happen often or it may happen too often. Either way, we have to get to the bottom of this insane trend that is burning through the dating world quicker than a wild fire. The first step to change is admitting that there is a problem……(FELLAS, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!)

Now that we’ve successfully pinpointed the problem (lol), let’s go through a few reasons why a guy will not call you after a first date…..

You are too clingy: Some people are immediately turned off when someone they just met are too into them. It may be because they don’t understand how or why you like them so much. Men in particular become very skeptical when you start using pronouns like “our” and “we”. Especially in reference to their future with you. The last thing that you want to do is come across as a potential stalker!

If you are truly into your date, and you can see a future with him/her…..keep it to yourself. I know this sounds crazy, but timing is everything in the dating world. You don’t have to reveal your whole soul to someone you’ve just met.

When the topic of future goals come up, keep the focus on him, or on your career. Perhaps you’ll find an interesting topic to converse about.

There are many ways to show interest without being too clingy. Be creative.

You don’t offer to pay: I recently learned that men are completely turned off when women do not at least offer to pay on the date. They realize the subtle social expectation for them to pick up the first date tab, and they rebel against it. They see a women offering to pay as a “nice gesture” so they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Ladies, if you want a call back, make the offer! (and let me add: this absolutely only applies to any date other than the first! In other words men should always pay on the first date…no exceptions)

Boring conversations: Unfortunately there is no recipe for a perfect conversation. But what’s more unfortunate is the fact that, lack of a good conversation may cause your date to never call you ever again.

One remedy to not be boring is to talk about things you are familiar with. Whenever I’m on a first date, I often find myself “Geeking” out about things that I’m interested in. This shows your date your passions and allows your personality to shine….When in doubt Geek Out!

I know that all of these points could easily apply to men. But I’d like to think that women have a totally different set of reasons for not answering their call after a first date….(to be continued) 🙂

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Why Women Love Alpha Males


I was hanging out at a random party a few weeks ago when the topic of an “Alpha Man” came up….Now of course it was a mixed crowd, and I would have had a guy elaborate on the subject. However drinks were on deck and before I knew it there was an all out battle about a globe…..or something to that effect. lol

Any who, the conversation started when the complex topic of relationships came up. Women basically want a strong male counterpart who completes them. (it’s just that simple) With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that all women have their own idea of what constitutes a strong male. No matter your race, or species, all Alpha males exhibit the same traits. Here are just a few reasons why we love them….

Alpha males exemplify success: When a woman chooses this “alpha” she is choosing a man who can possibly provide financial security. This is particularly appealing in today’s society. This does not mean that she is a “gold digger”, it means that she realizes and identifies with success in her own right. Therefore she’ll have no problem being a strong supporter of her alpha because she will trust in his ability to “bring home the bacon”. Even the most independent woman of today can appreciate this alpha.

Alpha males are confident: A woman will choose this “alpha” because she is attracted to his subtle ability to affect people in different situations. This “alpha” displays an inner “knowing” of himself that is both sexy and alluring. Most woman will choose this “alpha” but this alpha will only choose the woman who is confident within her self.

Alpha males are decisive: Life is all about decisions right? So in this case opposites might attract. An indecisive woman will gravitate towards this alpha because she lacks the ability or motivation to make certain decisions on her own. Or perhaps she prefers not to take on sole responsibility for certain situations. In any case, the polarity of this alpha-beta relationship works perfectly. He gets to take charge, and she’s happy to let him.

Trust me, women can spot the alpha of the pack from a mile away! As a matter of fact, YOU know the alpha as well. He’s the friend who makes all the decisions and is never outwardly worried about anything.


Keep the convo going!! @Liyableu

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Word Play: The Dreamer By: LiyaBleu


This is a brief description of a phenomenon that really happened to me. I figured in order to write good short stories I would need to start with real accounts. This is slightly unfinished due to the lack of a resolution, but I was more focused on recreating a specific feeling. There will be more to stories to come :) leave comments, good or bad!

Night had fallen, the small attic apartment was silent. Kandi who had just settled into bed, picked up her little TV remote off the night stand and began flicking through different television programs. Her mood was completely calm as she waited for her program to come on. Bedtime was usually enjoyable in comparison to her normally hectic day. The large bedroom at the back of the attic where Kandi slept was always hot. It was so hot that bought a small air conditioner to put in the tiny window adjacent to her bed. The air conditioner was just enough to cool her room, and the very small bathroom directly across from it.

Kandi adored the simple things in life, and she adored her bedroom that she kept simple. No pictures on the wall, not much furniture, just a t.v., a bed, and a cheap black area rug that she got from ollies 1/2 off sale. Kandi was ecstatic that she had taken off work the following day because that meant she could sleep in late. She worked in a facility that counselors mental patients, and the emotional stress associated with her job was beginning to wear on her. She absolutely despised her job, but not because of the patients, but because of the arrogant, judgemental counselors who also worked there.

Kandi turned to look at the clock on her night stand, it read 9pm. “Finally” she said lowly then picked up the remote and changed the channel to Oxygen. Snapped is the name of the show that she tuned into every Thursday at 9pm faithfully. Kandi caught a slight chill on her neck. She shivered a little, then grabbed the soft purple velour blanket from the foot of her bed. She partially opened the blanket, then placed it neatly over her whole body. Her chills began to fade as she burrowed under the blanket to get more comfy. she smiled slightly as the opening credits rolled. She loved watching this show because it exposed people for who they really are as opposed to who they pretended to be.

Unexpectedly the purple velour blanket that was draped neatly over her body began to move, Kandi knew she was alone and was startled by the sudden movement. when she tried to sit up to investigate the situation, is when she realized she could not move. She immediately panicked, Her thoughts were blanketed with fear and angst. Her eyes roamed frantically around in her head searching for an answer. All she could see was the TV program and the blanket that continued creep down her limp body.

She was stiff and completely frozen. Just then a strange feeling over came her it was as if she was falling. She felt her stomach drop repeatedly. Kandi prayed that the eerie feeling would cease. “Aaaahhhh, Help Me” she screamed in her head. Yet the blanket remained uninterrupted and continued to make its way down her paralyzed body. Frightened but determined to move, Kandi began shaking. Soon her body was shaking uncontrollably. Just when she thought all hope was lost she abruptly sat up. Her heart rapidly pounded in her chest, so swift that it sent vibrations into her eardrums. All Kandi wanted to do was find the culprit responsible for her unexplained turmoil. Her eyes continued combing the room as she gasped for air. There was no burglar in her presence, this gave her a brief moment of relief. The revelation was short-lived when Kandi noticed that she had not missed one portion of the tv show that was still on. Terrified and still out of breath she cautiously gazed down at the blanket. To her surprise the blanket was right where she first put it. Not knowing what to look for she began patting the blanket. Still no answer.

“It must have been a dream” she whispered to herself. With her heart still racing she laid back down. and immediately changed then channel. Kandi was almost certain that the phenomenon was real, but she had no proof. Who was responsible for moving her blanket? and how did she briefly lose control?? Kandi’s head was filled unanswered questions. “I must have dozed off” was all she could think to comfort herself, but it did not work.

The strange feelings that Kandi acquired stayed with her throughout the night. Exhausted and unable to sleep Kandi just lay in bed wondering if it was really all a dream.

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Life Energy: 3 Ways To Get Over A Hangover

(Old post from PrettyBleu)
**Hopefully no one under 21 is reading this….but for those of you over 21 keep reading**

Allow me to set the situation: It’s memorial day weekend and some how you get talked into going to $5 margarita night at the mexican restaurant with your sister. You get there, and immediately hit the bar. Soon the margaritas are flowing, and your feeling the oh so sweet effects of alcohol. You and some random guy at the bar began racing to see who can finish their margaritas the fastest. Before you know it you find yourself engaged in a tug of war match over a polo shirt that he was once wearing, just seconds prior to him stripping down to his wife beater. (this really happened) Now, at this point you may not be thinking of the major hangover that you will have in the morning….However your body has already started the hangover process

How? well once you stop drinking your brain cells go into an automatic withdrawal due to your alcohol levels slowly dropping. As you all know, or may not know, alcohol is a diuretic which means you start running back and forth to the bathroom. Dehydration will soon follow causing you to have a headache, fatigue, and nausea….

Finally a remedy!
I will give you my post memorial day debacle remedy.

1.) Chase every drink with a glass of water. Why?? because as I said before Alcohol causes dehydration, so drinking water after every shot will put important nutrients back into your body.

2.) Pop 2 Advil/Aleve/Tylenol as soon as you get home! Why?? This will stop that pounding headache, and puffy eyes.

3.) Take a Dramamine pill. Why?? well if your anything like me, you get nauseous fast! Dramamine will stop that achingly, annoying urge to vomit, plus it will help you sleep it off.

More Tips!
Eat Eat and Eat…make sure you do not drink on an empty stomach! because it will allow the alcohol to enter your bloodstream much faster.

Keep moving! Have you ever noticed when your drinking that you feel fine until you sit down?? yes, it happens to the best of us, so just keep moving! This includes doing the Harlem Shake, the Dougie, or any other form of ridiculous dancing

Last but not least know your limits, everyone’s body metabolizes alcohol at a different rate so stay in YOUR alcohol lane!



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To be or Not To Be……..My Life as a Vegetarian part 2

(Old post from PrettyBleu)

Last year I informed everyone of my decision to lead a vegetarian lifestyle….a decision that was cut short by my Chic-A-FIl-A cravings! (I <3 chicken)

yes I gave into chicken which lead to turkey, beef, and more chicken lol. But soon after that I realized that I didn’t really miss meat as much as I thought I did. So I switched back to the vegetarian lifestyle after only a few months. It was easy at first, then slowly but surely I noticed myself getting smaller and smaller. Losing weight was never my goal or my reason to stop eating meat so when I noticed it happening I decided to take action!

My Problem…….
I have an extremely high metabolism and I didn’t realize how much my body benefited from the protein of meat. I was eating mostly fish, shrimp, and veggies. I guess those were no match for my body’s metabolic process!

What happened Next……..
I consulted with a few vegetarian friends who advised me to add beans to my diet….Hmmm, I like beans but not that much lol. But I listened and I also added more fruit and breads. There are a lot of other ways to get protein. I would suggest that anyone interested in being a vegetarian should do a lot of research before switching over

My Outcome…….So far I have been happy! my body feels lighter, I have more energy, and I’m in great shape! I would recommend this lifestyle to everyone. Just be careful and find the right diet that is best suited for YOUR BODY type


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To Be or Not To Be….My Life as a Vegetarian

(Old post from *PrettyBleu*)

I don’t know if everyone remembers this or not, but back in 2011 Angela Simmons made a decision to become a vegetarian. Shortly after she posed nude for Peta, and she shared some of her reasons for making that decision….

Although Angela is not the first person to make this life changing decision, she was however the first celebrity to really get my attention on the subject.

So, after doing a little more research I decided to give it a try!….and oh boy has it been an interesting ride…

In The Beginning: My mom never cooked pork for me and my siblings, so I am only accustomed to eating chicken, turkey, beef, and fish. A few years ago I realized that I actually preferred ground turkey over ground beef lol, go figure!

Welp… long beef 😛 , Now don’t get me wrong I still indulge in a steak every once in a while, but for the most part I am beef free. Overall giving up beef was easy, so I figured changing to a vegetarian would be a piece of cake…..and man was I wrong!!!

Making the decision: This is actually my 2nd attempt to give up meat (smh).I never realized that a healthy vegetarian lifestyle would be so costly! sheesh you can get a double cheese burger for a buck, but veggies and fruits are a different story.

So I figured I would start slow…just substitute chicken, turkey, and beef for fish and eggs until further notice

Price breakdown:
Meat vs. Fish…..just off the top of my head, ground turkey is about $3, Tilapia fillets are about $6

Fresh fruit: I am very picky when it comes to fruit, Mangos are my favorite and they cost about $2.98 per lb

Fresh Veggies: I have no idea because I only buy frozen (don’t judge me)

My drive thru habits were definitely altered….before I would grab a quick burger, or nuggets for lunch. Not now! Now when I pull up to McDonalds, I just stare at the menu lol inevitably I might leave with just a fry and a frappe’ which cost more that a value meal! lol (I’m cheap)

Needles to say, my first attempt ended when I gave in to Chic-Fil-A. My second attempt ended when I went to a bar-b-q over my sister’s house a couple of weeks ago. *Hangs Head*

I’m plotting a vegetarian comeback! To Be Continued……..


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Dating 101: 5 Tips For Dating A Single Parent


Single parents…to date or not to date?

So you meet that perfect stranger one night. Smart, funny, gorgeous, quirky, who secretly enjoys watching teen titans (insert cartoon) as much as you do. From the moment you guys hit it off the

conversation is flowing and you find yourself thinking where have you been ALL my life? As you settle into the thought of absolute bliss you eventually learn that your potential life partner already has a special someone in their lives…. a child.

Now if you are a parent this may be an absolute victory for you as your mind replays the Brady Bunch theme. Yet if you are like so many other singles who put career and personal success before starting a family you may find yourself in a scary position. The question hits you like a ton of bricks.. can I date someone with children?

Let me start off by saying children are a joy. For most parents out there the most important thing in their lives are their children. With that being said if you are contemplating dating someone who has children here are a few simple tips on how to make your relationship a success.

1.)Planning your outings and date nights with your partner is not only appreciated it may actually be necessary. While spontaneity is nice, the last thing you want to do is make the other person feel bad when they can’t get a sitter for your random taco Tuesday invite.

2.) Channel your inner 10 year old. Kids come with energy and a carefree spirit. Use that energy and your childhood experiences to relate to the child. Don’t be afraid to color a few pages in their coloring book or play a few rounds of rock paper scissors.

3.) Don’t get in the way when it comes to discipline. While you may have some valid opinions when it comes to how your parents did things, there is no real right or wrong when it comes to parenting. Unless expressly asked for your input, stay out of it.

4.) Plan a monthly kid outing. Nothing shows a single parent that you’re serious about a relationship then making plans with their kid. A simple kid friendly movie, or day at the zoo is just enough to show you are in it for the long haul. You’re relationship with the child is as important as that with the parent.

5.) Communication is key. Never be afraid to voice any uncomfortable conversation or situation you may have with the child. The situation only works if there is an open dialogue and everyone is at ease.

The most important thing is not to rush the relationship. As your love for your partner grows, as too will the love you have for their child. Be patient. Be kind. Be approachable.

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What Women Should Learn From Kenya Moore’s Break Up

What would you do if you found out that your longtime boyfriend, who you deemed to be the man of your dreams was married!?

Sadly, this happens to many women everyday.Kenya Moore is a recent victim of this disrespectful trend. Yes, news of her current boyfriend James’s “married” facebook status has surfaced. This really sucks for Kenya because she seemed to be genuinely happy in her relationship. She ended all speculations when she posted this statement via Instagram

Does this mean that he was already engaged during the taping of the show? And of course this brings us right back to the age old question “WHY DO MEN CHEAT!?”….(we’ll talk about that later.)

For now let’s ponder on how Kenya could have missed her boyfriend’s public facebook status! Hmmmmmm……

I am a big fan of checking all social profiles while dating/and in a relationship. My motto is the innocent have nothing to hide lol. With that being said…ladies just remember that there is a thin line between “checking up” on someone and being a stalker.

What do you think??


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