Dating: First Date Tips

This one is for the fellas….

Fellas don’t make dating harder than it has to be. Getting a girl to agree to go out with you is only the first step, but keeping her interested is an entirely different situation. Choosing the right place for the first date will set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

You might not know this, but the first date says a lot about the kind of guy you are!

So here are MY top 4 places that you should never take a first DATE:

1.) A fast food chain

I’m talking about any restaurant with a drive-thru! It is never ok to be that FRUGAL….especially on a first date. Your date will notice, and she will probably never talk to you again.

2.) The Club

This should be very self explanatory. Taking a girl to a club means that you are not really trying to get to know her, because the loud music will make it impossible to converse. Plus you run the risk of seeing another girl that your more attracted too.

3.) To Meet Your Mom

Ok this is just CREEPY! If you do this on a first date you are completely psycho. No woman wants to meet your mom that soon. Your date will notice that you are the type of guy to “rush” things….Chill out.

4.) Back to Your Crib to “Chill”

Like I said before, first dates set the tone for the relationship. Your house does not qualify as a good date location. This is a BOOTY CALL! and no girl wants to be considered a booty call on the first date.


*Always be original! learn how to read people and think outside the box….

*Ask her what she wants to do, never assume that her saying “we can do anything” is secret girl talk for “I don’t care” (trust me she does!)

* Women like men to take charge, so don’t expect her to suggest places to go on your date. Men Always Plan The Date (PERIOD)


:In my opinion the movies is a great first date. Simply because it’s classic. Everyone has experienced a movie date at least once in their life.

On the flip side, technically you can not talk during the movie. Which makes some people think twice before picking this as a first date…..However there is time before and after the movie to converse. Plus you can use the movie as a great conversation starter.


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