Health Energy: Swimming Relieves Stress

    I was sitting poolside, when I noticed how relaxed I was….Which got me thinking that swimming is actually a great stress free activity.

At this point your probably asking yourself how does swimming relieve stress. Well it’s actually very simple….

    *When you swim you are no longer focused on your problems, which will free your mind. Plus it’s totally free! And it’s also helps to beat the summer heat!

   *Swimming is similar to yoga, and that means it’s a really great sport!

*It gives you a reason to wear big floppy hats with oversized shades! (Hat available in pink at $14.99)

*Kids are the best example of how to live in a moment! Plus they will make you laugh!Love our youth…..

So don’t let your problems get you down this summer. Grab a big hat, some shades, your family, and head to the pool……(you’ll thank me later)



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