Transform Your Space, Your Time, and Your Mind Using These Easy Decluttering Tips

Did you know that your space is an outward expression of your mind? Many people live their daily lives totally unaware of this fact. Yet cluttered spaces are often times the reason we experience energy blocks, fatigue, and anxiety. This is why decluttering is so important! Space has always been a focus of the declutter process and for obvious reasons. But there are other aspects of our lives that are at risk for clutter! Like our time, and our minds. That’s Keep Reading!


A Meditation for Clarity and Focus

For me the new year is a joyous occasion. It’s a time of fresh starts and reflections. When I celebrate I toast to both past and future accomplishments. But for many the new year can be nerve wrecking. Maybe you are one of many people who feel that you did not reach all of your goals. Or during reflection you notice that you are not living in your purpose…. Don’t be so hard on yourself! the first step to living Keep Reading!


A Meditation Focused on Goal Achievement

Let’s talk about goals and how you can use meditation to help achieve them. There are so many people out there who wish they could change some important aspect of their life, like health and fitness, finances, careers, or relationships. I’m here to tell you that you can get absolutely anything you want! Using meditation allows you to quiet all the chatter in  your mind so that you can focus all of your attention on one thing at a time. Don’t Keep Reading!


PrettyEnergy: LiyaBleu-One Strange Encounter

As you may know, over the past year or so, I have been immersed into the cool and sometime scary world of online dating. Trust me, I will gladly answer all the W’s that just popped into your head (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) but first let me tell you about my most recent encounter…. It all started with a simple tinder swipe to the right. Yes, I was scrolling through the tinder data base when I came across a guy. Keep Reading!


Dating 101: 3 Reasons Why a Guy Will Not Call You After a First Date

Am I the only one completely baffled by the lack of communication from guys after the first date!??? They take you out, show you a great time, pay for everything, long kiss you goodnight, then POOF! They pull a Houdini and disappear, never to be heard from again. This may not happen often or it may happen too often. Either way, we have to get to the bottom of this insane trend that is burning through the dating world quicker Keep Reading!


Why Women Love Alpha Males

I was hanging out at a random party a few weeks ago when the topic of an “Alpha Man” came up….Now of course it was a mixed crowd, and I would have had a guy elaborate on the subject. However drinks were on deck and before I knew it there was an all out battle about a globe…..or something to that effect. lol Any who, the conversation started when the complex topic of relationships came up. Women basically want a strong Keep Reading!


Word Play: The Dreamer By: LiyaBleu

This is a brief description of a phenomenon that really happened to me. I figured in order to write good short stories I would need to start with real accounts. This is slightly unfinished due to the lack of a resolution, but I was more focused on recreating a specific feeling. There will be more to stories to come leave comments, good or bad! Night had fallen, the small attic apartment was silent. Kandi who had just settled into bed, Keep Reading!


Life Energy: 3 Ways To Get Over A Hangover

(Old post from PrettyBleu) **Hopefully no one under 21 is reading this….but for those of you over 21 keep reading** Allow me to set the situation: It’s memorial day weekend and some how you get talked into going to $5 margarita night at the mexican restaurant with your sister. You get there, and immediately hit the bar. Soon the margaritas are flowing, and your feeling the oh so sweet effects of alcohol. You and some random guy at the bar Keep Reading!


To be or Not To Be……..My Life as a Vegetarian part 2

(Old post from PrettyBleu) Last year I informed everyone of my decision to lead a vegetarian lifestyle….a decision that was cut short by my Chic-A-FIl-A cravings! (I <3 chicken) yes I gave into chicken which lead to turkey, beef, and more chicken lol. But soon after that I realized that I didn’t really miss meat as much as I thought I did. So I switched back to the vegetarian lifestyle after only a few months. It was easy at first, then slowly but Keep Reading!


To Be or Not To Be….My Life as a Vegetarian

(Old post from *PrettyBleu*) I don’t know if everyone remembers this or not, but back in 2011 Angela Simmons made a decision to become a vegetarian. Shortly after she posed nude for Peta, and she shared some of her reasons for making that decision…. Although Angela is not the first person to make this life changing decision, she was however the first celebrity to really get my attention on the subject. So, after doing a little more research I decided Keep Reading!