Wale New Video ‘Bad’ Ft. Tiara Thomas


This is hands down my favorite song of the moment

Wale released the visuals for his hit single ‘Bad’ ft. Tiara Thomas.
“Bad girls ain’t no good, but the good girls ain’t no fun”….Wale apparently has a thing for bad girls, but they are no good for him. As is Bria Murphy who plays the bad girl in the video. She loves to party, and take risks, which includes hooking up with random guys in public bathrooms. Wale explains all the reasons why she is┬áno good as he raps

“She hurt feelings, she break hearts, she stays quiet she plays smart, she take pride in going, getting hollerd at and saying naw….”

Tiara Thomas, although not seen much in the video, plays her role in setting the tone for melodic chorus. The song has a smoking hot suggestive beat that implies everything but a nice walk in the park. After much thought bad girl Bria finally comes to her senses and returns to Wale. Wale’s latest album ‘The Gift’ is set to hit stores June 25th.

I Love this song!
Watch below


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