How Your Blame and Lack of Responsibility are Linked to Habits of Indecisiveness

My dad once told me a story about my mom. In the story he recalled a mid-day drive thru experience at Mcdonalds. He described pulling into the drive thru, giving his order, and being overcome with frustration shortly after. By now you must be thinking what in the world does that story have to do with indecisiveness!?

Well the trigger for his frustration was my mom’s lack of promptness while ordering. That’s right folks, she had no clue what she wanted eventhough she picked the place. He laughed as he remembered her looking at every menu item in contemplation.

Haven’t we all experienced a situation like this?

You’re either the person waiting in line frustrated at Starbucks because the person in front of you has no idea what they want. Or you’re the person at the register who is holding up the line because you can not decide which latte represents your mood for the day. This may be a smaller example of an indesicive moment, but it shows how common this annoying habit can be.


Are you more comfortable with passing major decisions off to someone else than you are making them yourself? There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with make a decision. The level of responsibility will depend on the situation. Many people do not want to assume responsibility for their decisions because they are unsure of the outcome.

I know this feeling firsthand! I was once that person holding up the drive thru line, not because I didn’t know what I wanted, but because I was afraid to try something new. If something tasted bad I would have to live with the result of my bad decision. This kept me in a imaginary comfort zone for a long time. It took me a while to see that being indecisive was worse than comitting to a decision and just accepting the outcome. When we are decisive we are taking control of our lives!


Do you need someone to blame? Indecisiveness allows us to blame others. Just think about it for a minute….If you go into a restaurant and let the waiter decide your meal for the evening, you’ll surely give him all the blame if that meal is not to your liking. The same can be said for all decision that we make.


I once read somewhere that whatever we do for 30 days becomes a habit. The same practices are true for breaking habits. Therefore you can beat your habits of indecisiveness!


I could go on and on about why affirmations are so awesome. These have helped me transform my life in tremendous ways. So I’ll share an affirmation that I use daily to help with my annoying indecisive behavior.

*I choose to leave nothing about me to chance. when it comes to me, and anything in my life- I choose to choose!* Now repeat three times a day, morning, noon, and night.

What do you think?







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