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As you may know, over the past year or so, I have been immersed into the cool and sometime scary world of online dating.

Trust me, I will gladly answer all the W’s that just popped into your head (Who, What, Where, When, and Why) but first let me tell you about my most recent encounter….

It all started with a simple tinder swipe to the right. Yes, I was scrolling through the tinder data base when I came across a guy. I’m not going to lie and say that this guy’s pic was so captivating that it was love at first sight, but who am I to judge a book by it’s cover?? Right?? Anyway we slowly began conversing via tinder message, then later exchanged numbers in order to keep the convo going through text.

First let me say that this guy’s optimism was questionable….He had a way of texting that mimicked that of a bad sports commentator. lol Like he sent me every single thought that popped into his head with in the span of a minute. So I would get about 10 replies for every one text that I sent him….(simmer on that) and they were always extremely happy like “Goodmorning” “Oh how sweet the air is smelling” “Rise and listen to the beautiful birds chirp” “I love thee Life” (you get the picture)

My thoughts were “maybe he just likes communicating in that way, and besides he seemed to be really smart so…..” Yep, that’s me always looking on the brighter side of things. But in reality this was his true identity (no Peter Parker here folks)

Let’s fast forward to Friday……

We eventually decided to meet in person. I suggested that he pick the place. I always do this for first dates especially so that
1.)I can see his alpha male side and
2.)I can see if he actually paid attention when I gave him the long list of things that I like to do

He decides that he would like to watch me eat so he made reservations at a very nice restaurant. He sent me the link, and all was well.
Now you’re probably thinking what is so strange about that???? Let’s keep going

Here we were the day of the date and I began getting texts that were basically just going over the particulars. For instance The address, the time, and the price of dinner. As I said before he was a happy texter. At that point I was thinking…..hmmmm, I may have been out of the dating game for a while, but why is he sending me dinner prices??? The only word flashing before my mind’s eye was DUTCH DUTCH DUTCH! Now let’s be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going dutch. Just as long as it’s not on the first date!

But I still wasn’t sure exactly what his intentions were so I decided to ask him point blankly “Is this a dutch situation?”….His reply was yes! And oh how it all went down hill from there! Not in a bad way, but let’s just say he’s probably still sitting at the restaurant awaiting my arrival as we speak! (excuse my bad jokes but I’m laughing while I type!) And it get’s better….Once I learned of my Happy texting friend’s intentions I decided to let him down easy, no beating around the bush, and no ambiguity. I basically stated that I do not pay for myself on first dates….Simple and easy right??

Well, to happy texter that meant “fix the problem.” Which included opting to pay for both checks (checks that he said the restaurant always separates) And wrongly accusing the English language for the reason that the whole misunderstanding occurred. Strange right!?

I’ll leave you to ponder what happened after that. But I’m curious to know what would you have done if you were in my shoes?? Would you have been okay with the “Dutch Situation”? Or would you have pulled the plug on the whole thing?

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