Life Energy: 3 Ways To Get Over A Hangover

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**Hopefully no one under 21 is reading this….but for those of you over 21 keep reading**

Allow me to set the situation: It’s memorial day weekend and some how you get talked into going to $5 margarita night at the mexican restaurant with your sister. You get there, and immediately hit the bar. Soon the margaritas are flowing, and your feeling the oh so sweet effects of alcohol. You and some random guy at the bar began racing to see who can finish their margaritas the fastest. Before you know it you find yourself engaged in a tug of war match over a polo shirt that he was once wearing, just seconds prior to him stripping down to his wife beater. (this really happened) Now, at this point you may not be thinking of the major hangover that you will have in the morning….However your body has already started the hangover process

How? well once you stop drinking your brain cells go into an automatic withdrawal due to your alcohol levels slowly dropping. As you all know, or may not know, alcohol is a diuretic which means you start running back and forth to the bathroom. Dehydration will soon follow causing you to have a headache, fatigue, and nausea….

Finally a remedy!
I will give you my post memorial day debacle remedy.

1.) Chase every drink with a glass of water. Why?? because as I said before Alcohol causes dehydration, so drinking water after every shot will put important nutrients back into your body.

2.) Pop 2 Advil/Aleve/Tylenol as soon as you get home! Why?? This will stop that pounding headache, and puffy eyes.

3.) Take a Dramamine pill. Why?? well if your anything like me, you get nauseous fast! Dramamine will stop that achingly, annoying urge to vomit, plus it will help you sleep it off.

More Tips!
Eat Eat and Eat…make sure you do not drink on an empty stomach! because it will allow the alcohol to enter your bloodstream much faster.

Keep moving! Have you ever noticed when your drinking that you feel fine until you sit down?? yes, it happens to the best of us, so just keep moving! This includes doing the Harlem Shake, the Dougie, or any other form of ridiculous dancing

Last but not least know your limits, everyone’s body metabolizes alcohol at a different rate so stay in YOUR alcohol lane!



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To be or Not To Be……..My Life as a Vegetarian part 2

(Old post from PrettyBleu)

Last year I informed everyone of my decision to lead a vegetarian lifestyle….a decision that was cut short by my Chic-A-FIl-A cravings! (I <3 chicken)

yes I gave into chicken which lead to turkey, beef, and more chicken lol. But soon after that I realized that I didn’t really miss meat as much as I thought I did. So I switched back to the vegetarian lifestyle after only a few months. It was easy at first, then slowly but surely I noticed myself getting smaller and smaller. Losing weight was never my goal or my reason to stop eating meat so when I noticed it happening I decided to take action!

My Problem…….
I have an extremely high metabolism and I didn’t realize how much my body benefited from the protein of meat. I was eating mostly fish, shrimp, and veggies. I guess those were no match for my body’s metabolic process!

What happened Next……..
I consulted with a few vegetarian friends who advised me to add beans to my diet….Hmmm, I like beans but not that much lol. But I listened and I also added more fruit and breads. There are a lot of other ways to get protein. I would suggest that anyone interested in being a vegetarian should do a lot of research before switching over

My Outcome…….So far I have been happy! my body feels lighter, I have more energy, and I’m in great shape! I would recommend this lifestyle to everyone. Just be careful and find the right diet that is best suited for YOUR BODY type


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To Be or Not To Be….My Life as a Vegetarian

(Old post from *PrettyBleu*)

I don’t know if everyone remembers this or not, but back in 2011 Angela Simmons made a decision to become a vegetarian. Shortly after she posed nude for Peta, and she shared some of her reasons for making that decision….

Although Angela is not the first person to make this life changing decision, she was however the first celebrity to really get my attention on the subject.

So, after doing a little more research I decided to give it a try!….and oh boy has it been an interesting ride…

In The Beginning: My mom never cooked pork for me and my siblings, so I am only accustomed to eating chicken, turkey, beef, and fish. A few years ago I realized that I actually preferred ground turkey over ground beef lol, go figure!

Welp… long beef 😛 , Now don’t get me wrong I still indulge in a steak every once in a while, but for the most part I am beef free. Overall giving up beef was easy, so I figured changing to a vegetarian would be a piece of cake…..and man was I wrong!!!

Making the decision: This is actually my 2nd attempt to give up meat (smh).I never realized that a healthy vegetarian lifestyle would be so costly! sheesh you can get a double cheese burger for a buck, but veggies and fruits are a different story.

So I figured I would start slow…just substitute chicken, turkey, and beef for fish and eggs until further notice

Price breakdown:
Meat vs. Fish…..just off the top of my head, ground turkey is about $3, Tilapia fillets are about $6

Fresh fruit: I am very picky when it comes to fruit, Mangos are my favorite and they cost about $2.98 per lb

Fresh Veggies: I have no idea because I only buy frozen (don’t judge me)

My drive thru habits were definitely altered….before I would grab a quick burger, or nuggets for lunch. Not now! Now when I pull up to McDonalds, I just stare at the menu lol inevitably I might leave with just a fry and a frappe’ which cost more that a value meal! lol (I’m cheap)

Needles to say, my first attempt ended when I gave in to Chic-Fil-A. My second attempt ended when I went to a bar-b-q over my sister’s house a couple of weeks ago. *Hangs Head*

I’m plotting a vegetarian comeback! To Be Continued……..


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Dating 101: 5 Tips For Dating A Single Parent


Single parents…to date or not to date?

So you meet that perfect stranger one night. Smart, funny, gorgeous, quirky, who secretly enjoys watching teen titans (insert cartoon) as much as you do. From the moment you guys hit it off the

conversation is flowing and you find yourself thinking where have you been ALL my life? As you settle into the thought of absolute bliss you eventually learn that your potential life partner already has a special someone in their lives…. a child.

Now if you are a parent this may be an absolute victory for you as your mind replays the Brady Bunch theme. Yet if you are like so many other singles who put career and personal success before starting a family you may find yourself in a scary position. The question hits you like a ton of bricks.. can I date someone with children?

Let me start off by saying children are a joy. For most parents out there the most important thing in their lives are their children. With that being said if you are contemplating dating someone who has children here are a few simple tips on how to make your relationship a success.

1.)Planning your outings and date nights with your partner is not only appreciated it may actually be necessary. While spontaneity is nice, the last thing you want to do is make the other person feel bad when they can’t get a sitter for your random taco Tuesday invite.

2.) Channel your inner 10 year old. Kids come with energy and a carefree spirit. Use that energy and your childhood experiences to relate to the child. Don’t be afraid to color a few pages in their coloring book or play a few rounds of rock paper scissors.

3.) Don’t get in the way when it comes to discipline. While you may have some valid opinions when it comes to how your parents did things, there is no real right or wrong when it comes to parenting. Unless expressly asked for your input, stay out of it.

4.) Plan a monthly kid outing. Nothing shows a single parent that you’re serious about a relationship then making plans with their kid. A simple kid friendly movie, or day at the zoo is just enough to show you are in it for the long haul. You’re relationship with the child is as important as that with the parent.

5.) Communication is key. Never be afraid to voice any uncomfortable conversation or situation you may have with the child. The situation only works if there is an open dialogue and everyone is at ease.

The most important thing is not to rush the relationship. As your love for your partner grows, as too will the love you have for their child. Be patient. Be kind. Be approachable.

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What Women Should Learn From Kenya Moore’s Break Up

What would you do if you found out that your longtime boyfriend, who you deemed to be the man of your dreams was married!?

Sadly, this happens to many women everyday.Kenya Moore is a recent victim of this disrespectful trend. Yes, news of her current boyfriend James’s “married” facebook status has surfaced. This really sucks for Kenya because she seemed to be genuinely happy in her relationship. She ended all speculations when she posted this statement via Instagram

Does this mean that he was already engaged during the taping of the show? And of course this brings us right back to the age old question “WHY DO MEN CHEAT!?”….(we’ll talk about that later.)

For now let’s ponder on how Kenya could have missed her boyfriend’s public facebook status! Hmmmmmm……

I am a big fan of checking all social profiles while dating/and in a relationship. My motto is the innocent have nothing to hide lol. With that being said…ladies just remember that there is a thin line between “checking up” on someone and being a stalker.

What do you think??


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Karrueche Tran Opens Up To Iyanla Vanzant About Hurt, Betrayal, and Letting Herself Down

Every woman has a breaking point ya’ll!

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are officially over….again….but this time it may be for good. Their Recent split stems from the breaking news of Chris Brown fathering a 9 month old baby girl. Karrueche has stuck with Breezy through many up and downs including love triangles and legal problems. In her exclusive interview on Iyanla Vanzant’s fix my life, Kae revealed that her love for Breezy was not enough to fix all the hurt and bretrayal that her put her through.

Watch a few highlights below!



4 Reasons Why Women Don’t like Dating Short Men

This one is for the guys…..

With everything going on in the world today you would think dating would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately there are a few shallow situations that can make your dating life rough. Is height a potential first date deal breaker?? Yes it is, but the first thing you should tell yourself to overcome height expectations is “Don’t take it personal” For all the guys whose height is below 5’7 you’re in luck! I’ve narrowed down the 4 main reasons why women are uncomfortable dating you.

1.) What about my heels?!
Most women love to get dressed up for a night out with their man. In most cases heels make women feel sexy, and happy.If your date is taller than you in her flats, imagine how she feels towering over you in her stilettos! Not cool!

2.) Awkward feelings....
Most women feel weird about having to look down at a love interest. One women even said “When I date a guy shorter than me I don’t know where to look!” I would have to agree, being able to look over my date’s head is not very romantic.

3.)Who will take charge during a confrontation??
Believe it or not some women feel the need to handle everything when with shorter guys. It’s like they don’t feel like the guy would be capable of handling a tough situation. This really plays a role in the way women react to height because all women want to feel protected and secure especially with their dates.

4.) I feel like I’m dating a child
One women said “Whenever I’m with a short guy I just feel like saying, awww look at him he’s so cute” LOL No women wants to see her date in a childlike way. Talk about an immediate date killer!

Here’s what you can do to overcome height stereotypes and restrictions. The first and only thing that you need is CONFIDENCE! you need to be the type of guy who is fearless. Make your date feel like you are strong and in charge. If you come off as weak and timid she’ll kick you to the curb before the date is over! Be Confident!

Do you love it?

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Tips on How to Handle Awkward Silence on a First Date


Imagine this…

It’s Saturday night, Your sitting in a corner booth at your favorite restaurant waiting on a date! But not just any date. It’s with the super sweet guy who begged your BFF to hook you him up with you last week. Now normally you would cringe at just the thought of a blind date, but since he was referred to you by your BFF you reluctantly agree to it….*His hott gym pics didn’t hurt either!*

Finally you spot him! The first thing you notice is that Mr. Hottie looks better than his gym pics! He casually walks over to the booth sits down slowly and says…”HI” you smile back anticipating the start of a conversation. that’s when you notice it! It’s that first date killer! Awkward silence….

Well actually that’s only one of the first date killers. There are plenty of other situations that can lead to awkward silence but the main culprit is lack of chemistry. Does this mean that there is no chemistry with “Mr. Hottie”? of course not! However there are a few steps you can take to stop these awkward silences from ruining your date.

First things first- Call it out! When your in an awkward situation say “Wow this is awkward” Usually your date will agree and the two of you can laugh it off. The longer you wait to break the silence, the longer it will drag on leaving a bad impression in your date’s mind. CALL IT OUT!

Second- Ask a question This is pretty self explanatory. The silence might be caused be anxiety or nerves. If that’s the case you should try to make your date feel more comfortable. Once the nervous energy dissipates, the conversation should return back to normal.

Third- Trip the waiter- Oh wait just kidding (laughs) the waiter falling would be tragic to him, but funny enough to keep the awkward silences away! (do not trip anyone) even though it would definitely break the awkward ice. The equivalent to this would be to tell a joke. Laughter releases nerves and anxiety plus it will give you a chance to admire ‘Mr. Hottie’s ‘ smile.

Let’s keep in mind that all first dates are awkward by default. Creating a comfortable environment is a big deal. So try to talk about common interests.

Remember never dismiss a date’s future potential based solely on silence. He could be the ONE!

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Beauty: Threading vs. Waxing

Here is a brief (not so brief) synopsis of why I prefer getting my eyebrows threaded over getting them waxed. In my opinion the results of threading lasts longer.
For example when I get my eyebrows threaded it normally takes about 2 to 3 weeks until I start to see regrowth. On the other hand, when I get my brows waxed I start to notice regrowth in about a week and a half. Now I know what some of you are thinking…”Dosen’t threading hurt??” I get asked that a lot, and the answer is YES! it is very painful, but Waxing is just as painful in my book. The difference is the threading results are totally worth it!

Threading give my brows a sharper, more defined shape. In addition threading does not leave an oily residue like waxing does. That same oily residue has caused me to have many breakouts in the past. Annoying forehead breakouts that I have not had since I switched to threading.
The only good thing about waxing is the price. Where I currently live waxing is about $5.00, that is about $5.00 cheaper than the place where I get my brows threaded. However, once you factor in how many more times you will need to get your brows waxed vs. threaded per month it pretty much totals the same price

~PRETTY GIRL TIP: Ladies please do not use razors to shape your brows. Razors make hair grow back thicker, and they often cause hair bumps. Not attractive lol

check out these before and after pics below

What do you think??

Dating: 4 Quick Tips to prepare for a date

Today’s Hot Topic is Dating:

Every woman has experienced the anticipation, and sometimes anxiety of preparing for a date. So I have enlisted the expertise of the women of the Reigndeer Games! A fun, flirty, sexy group of young women that is known for their insights on dating and relationships.

Views from Vixen-

1. In Fashion, be prepared! There is nothing worse than having an outfit in mind only to find that an hour before your date you’re missing a key component. ex. belt, strapless bra etc. Also, ladies don’t overdo it always leave something to the imagination. Short or tight but not both! Cleavage or booty pick one!

2. Be on time. Not to appear anxious or thirsty but to set the tone for future engagements. He will know you are punctual, and expect the same from him!

3. Smell Good on EVERY level

4. Identify yourself as a talker of listener. If you are more of a talker channel your best listening skills for this occasion. You can’t get to know someone if you are constantly talking about yourself. Keep the conversation flowing throughout the date in a nice exchange of info.

5. Bring your wallet! You don’t want to assume he plans on paying for everything. For many of us (me) this is a deal breaker! If a man invites you out he should pick up the check. But if the bill comes and he starts pulling up his calculator app be prepared to pay your portion. NEVER let him see you sweat…

Prepping from Prancer-

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or this is your first date always have protection! being prepared for anything is something that I pride myself on. In addition to that always have a back up date in case your first option is boring or just a jerk. You may even want to have a spare pair of panties on deck just in case….like I said before always be ready for anything 😉

Dotting all I’s from Dancer-

1. A fresh hairdo is a must! Can’t have that dirty, burned flat iron smell!

2. Prepare to drive! I never want to get picked up on the first date. If the date is wack I may need to get the hell outta dodge.

3. Prepare to pay…gentleman just aren’t gentleman anymore

4. SS&S- Sh#t, Shower, and Shave! In that damn order (Momma De Voice).  This is self explanatory

Cues from Cupid

1. Prepare Good music to listen to.  If you’re riding together you can set the mood and tone for the evening.

2. Have a good snack prior to going out. A lady should never pig out at dinner, by eating prior to the date you can get away with an appetizer or light meal.

3. Care package (Baby wipes, breath strips, deodorant and flats)

4. Bring your own money, secure your Id

Safety Tips: Always be on alert! pepper spray/mace are simple and easy to carry, Plus they wont get taking at the door if you decide to got to a club.  Don’t drink more than your limit, and never let your guard down! Let friends know where you are going.

Follow the creator of the ReignDeer games on Twitter @CNajaah

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