Beauty: Threading vs. Waxing

Here is a brief (not so brief) synopsis of why I prefer getting my eyebrows threaded over getting them waxed. In my opinion the results of threading lasts longer.
For example when I get my eyebrows threaded it normally takes about 2 to 3 weeks until I start to see regrowth. On the other hand, when I get my brows waxed I start to notice regrowth in about a week and a half. Now I know what some of you are thinking…”Dosen’t threading hurt??” I get asked that a lot, and the answer is YES! it is very painful, but Waxing is just as painful in my book. The difference is the threading results are totally worth it!

Threading give my brows a sharper, more defined shape. In addition threading does not leave an oily residue like waxing does. That same oily residue has caused me to have many breakouts in the past. Annoying forehead breakouts that I have not had since I switched to threading.
The only good thing about waxing is the price. Where I currently live waxing is about $5.00, that is about $5.00 cheaper than the place where I get my brows threaded. However, once you factor in how many more times you will need to get your brows waxed vs. threaded per month it pretty much totals the same price

~PRETTY GIRL TIP: Ladies please do not use razors to shape your brows. Razors make hair grow back thicker, and they often cause hair bumps. Not attractive lol

check out these before and after pics below

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6 thoughts on “Beauty: Threading vs. Waxing

  1. Okay I love love love this article! I am more of a wax girl and I think I do that based on convience. I can get my brazilian wax along with eyebrows- I went to get my eyes threaded when it first started and I had a bad experience. I would love to get some recommendations for my city if possible…… Cleveland Ohio. Thanks

    Staying pretty

    1. Don’t let one bad experience hold you back lol, when I was staying in Cleveland I would get mine done at Beachwood mall. It was easy for me to get them threaded before I went shopping. Let me know how it turns out for you.

    2. Threading is pretty dliffcuit to do yourself unless you take a course in it.Its the art of removing unwanted facial hair. The beautician will take a piece of cotton thread in one hand and another bit in her mouth. She wraps the hair in the thread. Its good for the eyebrows and lips.Its soooo much less painful than waxing or tweezing. It last about 4 weeks.Please stop shaving your upper lip- it will only make it grow in faster and thicker and darker. you can try veet or nair .or wax. or upper lip bleach.

    1. Sorry, I am not located in the NYC area, however I’m sure you can find some great eyebrow shops in your area on the internet! good luck!

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